Inside the box    OR    outside the box?

These are the questions to ask yourself if you are curious to find out more about yourself. Most people who live inside the box are happy how things are and are afraid to rock the boat. What does rocking the boat entail? Well, for one you might fall out and into the water, get wet or worse get pulled down the rapids into uncharted possibilities.

My quest always has been to rock the boat to see what possibilities I could discover.  There are a myriad of possibilities! Dolores Cannon opened up another box with delightful chocolates for me. To not only embrace the vastness of the universes intellectually but to see it, feel it, time travel, to know with certainty who I am, was, will be is such a priceless gift. Opening up to my true potential, breaking through the limitations of the ego mind and fully embrace the notion that I can change myself, love myself fully and be of service to our next collective HUGE adventure moving into the 5th dimension. What a beautiful and not always easy ride it has been! I am here now to help you advance into your full birthright state of bliss and joy. Welcome aboard! Engage! Awake!