Schedule & Pricing

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Sessions can be done in-person or remotely via Zoom Conference

To join the waiting list, please pay the security deposit of $111 by PayPal or Venmo.
PayPal:  (please choose ‘friend and family’ option)
Venmo: @hans-levy
Please email us your confirmation of payment with your name and your phone number to be put on the list.
*Health emergencies can and will be taken by priority for $432
Sessions are conducted in English, German or Spanish

Time zone: Pacific Standard (PST)

Remote Sessions:
I have been guided very clearly to offer this work remotely to support those who are awakening. The sessions are just as powerful and transformative as an in person session.  This gives people access to the healing benefits of a session from anywhere in the world.

$111 deposit (deposit to schedule) + Donation After Session

Sessions includes a digital recording of Past Life Regression and work with Subconscious​
(Session approximately 4 to 5 hours)

In order to make this work accessible to more people, I have made a flexible payment structure.
I ask that you feel into your experience and make a donation that reflects the power of your experience. 

The standard costs of these sessions are between $300-$400.
I am forever grateful for your generosity.

*  Please allow a few days before hearing form me after the deposit payment.
*  I will schedule you by the order of received deposit payments, first come first served.
*  I allow 3 days (72 hours) to make changes or reschedule or ask for a refund.

—Getting Started—

Step 1-Send Security Deposit
To start your scheduling process send your deposit of $108 to
PayPal:  (please choose ‘friend and family’ option)
Venmo: @hans-levy

Step 2-Email me with your Availability
Email your payment confirmation and phone number to:
Feel free to mention time frames that work for you. I will look at my schedule to see what aligns.

Step 3 – Confirmation Email from Me
I will be in touch with you, I receive many emails so it might take a moment before hearing back from me after the first payment. Thank you for your patience!

Additional sessions for deeper research and healing:
$111 (security deposit) + Donation after session

(Session approximately 2 hours)


What You Need for Remote Sessions:
Approximately 4-5 hours (a private, quiet space).
A solid internet connection.
Computer, Tablet, or Smart Device that can be plugged into outlet to ensure uninterrupted power.
Corded Headphones with Mic (no Bluetooth).
List of Questions for the Subconscious (email to us by the time of the session).

To schedule, email to: